Kindly download the following files for terms and SQU Devices:

Sealed competitive quotations are invited for the attached list of items to be supplied to Sultan Qaboos University in accordance with the following conditions -:

  1. Completed quotations should be enclosed in a sealed cover superscripting the Requisition Reference No: ( ) and forwarded to the Procurement Department not later than (date) at 10 Am. Quotations arriving after the said date and time may not be considered.
  2. Quoted Prices are to include delivery (including unloading ) to the designated place of delivery in the University and these prices are not subject to alterations.
  3. All goods quoted for, shall be of a quality and standard that correspond strictly with the description and specification contained in the attached list. The specification and measurements approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry should also adhered to.
  4. All pattern, drawings, design or specification provided to you are to remain the University property and shall be returned on demand. These drawings and design must be treated as secret and confidential and not disclosed to any third party without the University prior written consent.
  5. Acceptance of this quotation Request constitutes assurance that:
  6. Should you fail to deliver the specified goods at the specified place
    or within the specified period, unless previously agreed on in writing by
    the Procurement Director. The University reserves the right to -:
  7. The validity of your offer should not be less than 90 days from the closing date of submission of the tender and / or at least 60 days from the receipt of LPO.
  8. These conditions shall be construed and shall take effect in all respect in accordance with the laws of the Sultanate of Oman.